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Steve – United Kingdon (5/2013)

I am using tongkat ali for cycling. I am 45 and hard training leaves me with no energy. I often feel a flat as my body is pushed hard. Because it’s not short quick body building exercise, but long endurance – 2-4 hours. I felt that my levels were low. I tried some and I was riding better than ever, very strong and recovered well. Coincidence? I don’t know but I don’t want to go back to feeling tired, worn out.

Thanks. Your product is great and I am glad I found you. It took me a long time of research as there are so many fraud sites out there.

Brad – Australia (4/5/2013)

TA has been awesome. Thank you for providing such a good quality product at a reasonable price. Your efforts are much appreciated.

S. – UK (1/24/2013)

Hi, just a note to say thanks. The product is amazing. I knew there were a lot of scammers out there, but I found Serges web site and went down the list of honest sellers. Found your site (excellent it is) and thought, well, if I get conned for £ 50 I can live with that. The parcel came quickly and I can tell you after a week I could feel the difference. I do a lot of endurance sports and work hard and was constantly feeling low and wiped out.

I will certainly be placing a bigger order now. It is superb. Thanks so much.

N.N. – Maylasia (12/2012)

Wanted to let you know that the Tongkat Ali is really working! I’m very happy with the great quality of your TA product!

Norazman (10/2012)

Hi Bonnie,

Very glad to inform you that I have received your parcel, duly inspected & passed by the Malaysian customs. Thanks very much for being a fantastic Merchant!, and i will be sure to order more from you in the next couple of months, i promise!

My regards and prosperous wishes for your online business!

Your website was also endorsed by Serge Kreutz in his email to me couple of days before i paid you. As you know, Serge has a list on his website that exposes the fake & scam Tongkat Ali merchants, Well Done!

From Serge Kreutz (9 days ago):
to me

Hi Norazman!

Newlifealternatives is legit. Her claims are correct.

JRE (8/2010)

Everything got here promptly and as ordered. It’s nice when you get what you order and in time. Love the quality of your product and the results for a 52 year old guy with type 2 are great!!!! Send me the info from your letter to me. Thanks again.

Karen in California

Hi, My husband has been using this exact product since his 50th birthday last year and we are BOTH very satisfied with the results. I started out with just the root and boiling to get the extract and all that…very time consuming! I like the capsules better and they have much improved every aspect of our 24 year married life! My husband is a health nut and would not even CONSIDER Viagra, hence, with a LOT of research… New Life Altenatives Tongkat Ali!

Thanks for having it here in the STATES! Customs can be very trying on my patience!!! Will continue to do REGULAR business with you in the future!!

Thanks Again! Happy Holidays!!

Terry in South Carolina

Many thanks for your care and appologizes for incovenience. The problem is that: with these large market of Tongkat Ali you can find products that are not what they pretend to be. So sometime you are so scared, that you have doubts even on the genuine products!

Many thanks again and I will recomand your products to me friends with confidence!

Duncan in the UK

I have only recently discovered Tongkat Ali and I believe that is improving several aspects of my life. I think that it’s a great substance to be introducing to the West. I have done extensive research of Tongkat Ali on the Internet and I’m surprised that it isn’t used more extensively outside of SE Asia. It still seems to be relatively unheard of here in the UK with only one or two suppliers of the pure extract.

It’s a pleasure to do business with you and you will be my chosen supplier as long as you are selling Tongkat Ali. Good luck with your business.

William (7/2009)

Just wanted to write and thank you for your exceptional service. I just received my first order of Tongkat Ali caps in the mail. Great, fast expedient shipping. And a signed, personalized letter. What a nice touch. Like the way folks used to do business… Very refreshing.

Send me any additional materials as referenced in your letter.

Started my first course today and I’ll start with one capsule. I am sensitive to lots of medication, especially those types that tend to “speed you up” and stimulate you. Hope I can tolerate Tongkat OK as it seems to have wonderful potential.

Your website is really well done. No idea what drew me to your business but obviously you’re doing something right!

Michael (3/2009)

I have almost finished my original 50-count bottle of Tongkat Ali that I ordered from you a few weeks ago. I am very pleased with the results, and I intend to place another order soon.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. My wife thanks you, too.

Marshall (12/2008)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I had ordered some before from a different seller at 100:1 and was told by a chemist I know that 100:1 is inefficient and does not tell about strength, so I basically got swindled. I then emailed Serge Kreutz and he told me that 1:50, 50:1 is the best

Ed (8/2008)

Thank-you for your email. I am really enjoying the results. My wife and I are enjoying intimacy just like when we were first married. Also, if you look on Oprah’s website, you will see that Dr. Oz recommends Tongkat Ali. All the best.

Ron (6/2008)

I just wanted to send off a quick note to say thank-you for a great product! Prior to discovering your website I was purchasing the “sawdust” style Tongkat Ali and was totally disappointed. However, I am VERY happy now 🙂 The Tongkat extract has turned out to be everything the literature said it would be. Thank-you!

Mario (6/2008)

I started taking the TA capsules for 6 days now since it arrived last week and it made me stronger. I’ve been very weak physically the last few weeks that I was not able to go to work for my testosterone level was very, very low and my body is shaking that I can’t almost even walk to the washroom. Now I was able to do my routine of brisk walking in the morning for many days now. Although I felt a little bit weak to go work, but I can handle things now that deprived me before. I am just concerned about the off cycle, since I’m still in the period of recovering. Would it be advisable to do it at this time? Would it not weaken again my body without the TA for so many days. I appreciate your time responding with my present concern. The Lord willing, I’ll be placing another order soon. Thank-you very much.

Dan (5/2008)

I found your products being the best available. I tried others, but are not to effective! Many thanks again!

Dave (10/2007)

Thank-you for offering a truly hight quality product at this price. Great service too. I really do appreciate it!

Tom (10/2007)

Good price…good stuff…helps in both athletics and other areas as well.

Bill (10/2007)

Your follow-up TA orientation pack contains some great information!! I had explored the Sumatra Pasak Bumi website, and other sites before ordering from you, but I had not found some of the excellent dietary recommendations featured in your materials. Thanks so much!!

Marcus (10/2007)

Thank-you very much. You have a good, solid product. I have tried dozens of other similar items, but yours is the best all around. Thank-you for the opportunity to purchase.

Terry (8/2007)

I have been a Tongkat Ali user for about 3 years now. I have tried every brand and extract ratio known to man and have found your brand to be the most potent and effective I have found.

Feel free to use this in your advertising if you wish, as I normally don’t recommend any product out there. But…this is a wonderful product. Just don’t show my full name, please.

Clint (8/2007)

This stuff is even more effective than I hoped!

Matt (7/2007)

I hope you stay around for the long run because I don’t think I’ll find the same level of product, price, and service if you don’t!

Dave (4/2007)

Hi, I just wanted you to know that I can really tell a difference when I am using the Tongkat. My energy levels are much higher when I’m taking 1600-2000 a day. I am on a week and a half off cycle and my energy level has decreased over when I was taking it. In the gym my strength level is not where it was and I fatigue quicker. Be glad when Wednesday gets here so I can resume taking it. This time I may go a month on. Definitely have noticed a slimming down since I started taking it. My weight has not really changed because I think I have added a little muscle. But definitely trimmer in waist. Hope to see my stomach muscles by the 4th of July.

Dan (2/2007)

I just want to let you know that this stuff works great. I had to adjust my dose to 400mg per day because of the strong stimulation. At the dose of 400mg is just perfect for me. i would say is much more than perfect…I have no words. Many thanks!

Duncan (4/2007)

I can’t believe how quickly your orders arrive from the US. That Tongkat Ali really works magic!


Bob (3/2007)

TA is helping with weight, stamina and energy. My racquetball endurance has risen quite a bit. I do feel better in general…not that I felt bad before. Better mood also! I am very interested to see how it affects my wife. Just for reference, I’m taking 800mg at breakfast and 800mg at lunch. Nothing in the evening…although i don’t think it would affect my ability to sleep. I suspect from your documentation that she should start with maybe 400mg at breakfast and after several weeks go to 400mg at breakfast and 400mg at lunch…half the dosage I’m taking?

Thanks for your help. Talk with you again soon.

Gary (2/2007)

Tongkat is great stuff. I am very surprised. Tribulus and so many other supplements have proven to be junk, but this stuff definitely has something going for it. Pity about the taste though

Ton (12/2006)

I’ve received the Tongkat Ali today, so there was no delay due to the holidays. As you will have guessed from the fact that I’ve placed a second order: I am very happy with your product. it is everything you promised it to be. You can count me as a returning customer.

2/2007 – I received in the mail today (already!). I’ve got enought for the next few months now, but after that I’ll certainly be back. This stuff is really good!!! Thank-you for your great service.

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